The Real Truth Behind How It Feels to Work For Yourself

Do you ever have those almost out of body experiences, where you see yourself from above? You watch your body like you’re not actually in your body at that moment?

I had one today. I got off the bus and I was walking through the local market in Cannes. The vendors were shouting, piles of beautiful veggies were lying pristine on the tables. The gorgeous French cheese was calling me from the stall across the way.

And then as I left the market, I walked to my favourite cafe just facing all the action. The one with the French wicker chairs all lined up on the pavement, where the locals read the paper over an espresso every morning.

And it struck me – I live in the South of France.

I was suddenly taken back to the old me. The corporate me. The young adult trying to make her way in London. The hectic corporate job, the Saturday shopping on the King’s Road. The endless, never-ending schedule of yoga and brunch and client events. My calendar always seemed to be full.

This change has taken me 5 years. Day by day, the shift is so small it’s nearly invisible. But sometimes, like today, the past and present me’s collide and I’m struck by how crazily my life has changed.

And so I was called to write to you today, because I know you’re also feeling like I used to feel. 

Like you’re ticking all the boxes of life, but something feels missing.

You’ve got the good job and the promotions and the house you saved for for so long. You’ve got the guy and all that’s missing is the 2.2 kids and a picket fence (if you can ever afford that because prices are shocking in your area).

It’s like life is everything it should be, but you have this ache for more.

And you feel like you’re crazy sometimes because you’ve got so much more than other people do. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with your life.

This feeling of ‘more’ feels like a pipe dream. Too good to be true.

And yet, you know deep down at your core that there is so. much. more. to. life.

It’s tough when you have no other anchors in your life to believe that another reality is true. You’ve seen the scammy looking facebook ads and the instagram perfect influencers, but that doesn’t seem like real life.

And let me tell you – there’s a LOT in my life that is far below Insta-perfect. 

There are days I question myself so deeply that I don’t get anything done that day (like last Tuesday).

There are times my projects flop, and it takes all I have to get up again and try one more time.

There are months when my credit card bill comes in and I think “how the hell did I spend THAT much money?” and I don’t really know how to pay it off… but I figure it out.

But if I look at my old life, and my new one, there is no way in hell I’d ever swap. The value of freedom, of impact, of doing something meaningful, sharing my truth, taking a day off if I feel like it without asking anyone else’s permission – that is something you can’t put a value on.

And so, if you also know this deep down somewhere inside you… please follow that nudge. That’s your soul calling to you.

I’m not saying quit your job or do anything dramatic… I’m saying start taking tiny steps NOW that will slowly build over time.

Your freedom and your truth is worth it.

I’ve found my truth in teaching others about wellness. I’ve partnered with a brand that’s so ethical and has such an incredible mission, it blows me away almost every day.

It’s a business model that builds on itself, so that eventually, between repeat customers and other teachers I mentor also growing a customer base, it becomes residual income.

What I love most is the structure of it – you know (and are taught) exactly what to do and what milestones to hit to achieve new levels of income. Some of those levels blow any corporate job out of the water. It’s like getting a promotion without waiting for your boss to decide it’s time – YOU are the only person who decides when its time to rise.


I’ve got a position available that almost never happens.

I’ve had someone on my team have to drop out for personal reasons, and so I’ve got a position available that almost never happens – you’ll walk into a position with customers and teachers already in place under you, organically bringing in some income each month already.

As this is a leadership position, it comes with some expectations – you’ll need to want to grow your quickly as you’ll be a key wingman for me.

This could easily be done alongside a job until your income grew enough to quit… you’d need about 10 hours a week to do this (think like an hour a day and a couple of hours on the weekend or one evening).

If you’re interested, check out all the details here and send me an application.  We can have a chat and see if it’s the right position for you:

Even if it’s not, there are other positions on the team that are open where you could get started and be mentored by me at your own pace.

Whatever your next steps are, please please PLEASE choose with your your heart, NOT by the fear in your head.

With love,


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