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I'm Rosie Freiha...
I help established coaches who're tired of the status quo to radically shift the way they run their businesses.
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Official Bio
Rosie Freiha is a coach, born in the UK and now based partly in the South of France and partly all around the world.

Rosie is passionate about online entrepreneurship for its power to help people around the world. She started her first health coaching business in early 2014 aged just 25. That grew into a successful online business school which she ran until the end of 2017, before switching to a deeper, more personal life and business coaching focus.
Rosie is a double qualified coach by Divine Living (ICF affiliated) and Robbins-Madanes Centre for Strategic Intervention. She has also studied with Tony Robbins around the world in his Mastery University.

Before entrepreneurship, Rosie worked in investment banking, ran business development for an educational tech startup and interned with an international women's rights charity.

Rosie's clients are established coaches who have 'followed the rules' to build success, but now feel the need to create a business that reflects their true identity. 
My Story
I started in business in early 2014, initially as a health coach, after burning out working in finance for a large investment bank.

It allowed me to replace my income, and taught me so much about starting a business. And so, in 2015 I created a school to teach women how to create an online business.

Just a year after quitting my banking job, I had created a six figure income through my online business. 

Six months after that, my husband also quit his finance job. We had plans to become digital nomads! 

 And yet, as I hit every single dream and goal on my vision board -my husband working with me, the income goals, the travel plans - I was starting to feel unfulfilled. 

I was losing interest in my business. I  was lost in the process of running a successful business, to the point it had lost its heart. 

Maybe you’ve experienced that yourself – you achieve all the things you THOUGHT would make you happy, and then you get there, and it just feels... empty.

So I thought maybe it was time to up level. I decided I’d take my business to 7 figures, that I’d travel business class everywhere, that we’d buy a villa in the south of France… 

But as I kept striving and hustling for THOSE goals, I got more and more drained. And more bored. And more unfulfilled. I started REALLY resenting my business. And even worse, our income started going DOWN, not up!

I needed to face the scary realisation that I needed to make a radical shift in my business.

It needed to reflect the true me.

Because I had such fear and resistance, I waited until the final, final moment - when the wheel were literally falling off and I couldn't go on any longer.

I was forced to shut down my successful business and take months out to understand my next step.

Those were the emptiest, scariest, lowest moments of my life.

You don't need to wait until breaking point - navigating change can be so much smoother. 

This is why I now work with coaches who are feeling those feelings of frustration, resentment, boredom or resistance... to help them make a radical shift, to fall back in love with their business again.

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