6 & 7 Figure Women:
Your Next Level Requires An INNER Transformation

Get out of your own way... once and for all 
Follow our transformational process and step into the visionary entrepreneur and world-changer you are meant to be.
I'm Rosie Freiha...
If I have one gift, it’s seeing others’ potential - beyond what they see for themselves. 

It’s time to expand your sense of what’s possible for your business - and your impact.

In my work with highly successful multi-6 and 7 figure clients, I’ve noticed that the same issue holds them all back:

They haven’t up-levelled their INNER game to match their OUTER ambitions.

I’m not talking about kindergarten “money story” stuff, or crying in a conference room as you talk to your inner child….

I’m talking about true personal mastery.

It's Quite Simple...
If you're not where you want to be, it's because your beliefs, habits, growth and limited vision are blocking you from achieving all you can.

If you're interested in discovering how to overcome your limits to create the business success and the impact you know you're capable of, click the button below to book a call and let's speak:
Recent Client Results
Now Headed for 
$3 million This Year!
Back on Track To Sell Her $25k Offer
Cleared Trigger for This 7-Figure Coach 
Created Boundaries With Her Global Team
our "7 Pillars Methodology Helps You...
 Gain the confidence to show up as a leader in your industry. Spread your truest message fearlessly and create the massive impact you crave
 Develop interior strength that keeps you outperforming even when things get tough
 Acquire new ways of seeing possibility so that you can achieve even the goals you currently think are “impossible”
 Create a lightness of being that comes only from a deep inner self love, free of criticism and fear
 Become someone who truly changes the world - without sacrificing your health, family time or lifestyle - with our "Philanthro-preneur" principles.
If you’re ready to finally achieve what you know you are capable of,
this is for you!
the 7 pillars methodology
1. Physical Health
How can you be successful if you don’t have the energy for success? You can’t…

Learn how to create constant, steady energy and a drive you've never felt before, so you can do you best work, every day.
2. Emotional Balance
Even seasoned personal development professionals will go to the next level of inner work. Re-programme your subconscious and break your  emotional 'addictions'. By the end, you'll be a totally different person - for good.
3. Energetic Clarity
Energy and emotional trauma is stored in our body. 

Learn easy techniques you can do at home to clear your energy and move beyond any  past circumstances that are limiting your greatness.
4. Identity Creation
If there's something that feels out of reach, it’s because you have created an identity (a set of beliefs) that doesn't match that outcome. 

Luckily, we can change that - and that's exactly what we teach .
5. Quantum Field
Connect your own infinite intelligence to the universal energy web. 
It’s so much easier to leverage universal law to get what you want instead of your own puny human elbow grease!
6. Exponential Growth
Stop the overwork and burnout. We show you how to create leverage so what you do today can keep delivering in 1 month, 1 year, even 10 years.
 If it doesn’t create exponential growth, don’t do it.
7. Triple-Win Impact
Businesses need focus. Trying to scale a business AND create social change is challenging.
Build social change into the fabric of your business model so that the more successful your are, the more the world benefits.
Your Inner Breakthrough Awaits! 
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Official Bio
Rosie Freiha was born in the UK and is now based partly in the South of France and partly all around the world.

She started her first health coaching business in early 2014 aged just 25. That evolved into a successful online business school which she ran until the end of 2017, when she focused her efforts on working more deeply with established coaches and experts who want to create a better world as well as create huge success.
Rosie is a double qualified coach: once  by  an international ICF affiliated school, and second by the Robbins-Madanes Centre for Strategic Intervention. She has also studied with Tony Robbins around the world in his Mastery University.

Before entrepreneurship, Rosie worked in investment banking, ran business development for an educational tech startup and interned with an international women's rights charity.

Rosie's clients are established female coaches and experts. They realise that, to achieve their big vision for business success and social impact, they need to develop a deeper level of personal mastery, to become a true leader. 
Your Inner Breakthrough Awaits! 
Let’s schedule a 1:1 call to discuss how you can transform your life and business:
Previous Clients on Working with Rosie...
Rosie is a brilliant coach, & helped me to dive into where I was holding back.
Rosie is a brilliant coach, and helped me to dive into where I was holding back - one Skype session with her took me from feeling totally stuck, to signing a VIP client within 48 hours. 

It’s been hard work, but so incredibly worth it, and signing up to work with Rosie is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."
Lucy - UK
I've got so much return in lifestyle, mindset & general happiness
"I've gotten my return on investment financially; but more than that, I've got in so much return in terms of lifestyle, mindset and general happiness. 

If you ever get the chance to work with Rosie, I'd 100% recommend that you do - this is your first step to really changing your life."
Kirstie - UK
I am 'allowing myself' to be happy & enjoy the moment without stressing
I have gained a sense of self worth in my skills so that I no longer feel I need to stay in situations and work relationships which are toxic.

I have discovered a lot about my mindset, being 'high vibration' and living as if I am already who I want to be - in a practical sense this means I am 'allowing myself to be happy'  enjoy the moment without stressing."
Naomi - UK
Once you start with Rosie, it's going to be like: why did I not do this sooner?
"I needed to make a change and I needed to do something about that so that I could be healthy, so I could be present and be there for my daughter.

Once you start working with Rosie, it's going to be like "why did I not do this sooner?”
Tiffany - Canada

I didn't realise how valuable I could be to someone's life
“I didn’t realise how valuable I could be to someone’s life - my business makes me feel I am part of something bigger.”
Alicia - USA
I can choose to think any way that I want and those thoughts can get me as far I want to go.
 I’m addicted to reading the recommended books - they are books on mindset and money and business and books that I wouldn’t have known to read without Rosie’s suggestions. I find that they are helping me so much, not only for the confidence but for really great information and lots of motivation. 

I’m understanding and believing that no matter my background, childhood, education, environment, I can choose to think anyway that I want and those thoughts can get me as far I want to go. 
Amanda - USA
Your Inner Breakthrough Awaits! 
Let’s schedule a 1:1 call to discuss how you can transform your life and business:
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