The Masculine-Feminine Tightrope in Business…

How do you run your business?
There’s the feminine way: manifest what you need (usually juuuust in time…) No structure, just hope.
Then there’s the masculine way: 90 day plans, systems systems systems, hustle hustle hustle.
I kept flip flopping between them – I’d start out feminine, but it was exhausting to wait for the eleventh hour sales right before a big bill came through. I spent thousands on masterminds with spiritual business coaches who helped me delve into my limiting beliefs, but didn’t exactly explain how to make money beyond blind faith.
So I did the logical thing that you’ve probably done too – I went super masculine. Funnels and numbers and strategies and following the gurus. But where I was emotionally exhausted from manifesting, I became PHYSICALLY exhausted from the hustle of doing it this way.
I can manage about 2 weeks at a time before I crash and burn (I know this because it’s my recurring pattern I fall into when I don’t catch myself…)
Maybe you feel the same? You’re flip-flopping between 2 extremes, and neither are serving you. In fact, both are actually HURTING you and your business.
The thing is, there’s another way.
YES you need faith, but faith needs to be backed up by a SIMPLE system. Too often we overcomplicate our businesses… don’t let your systems rule your life!
What’s more important is that you love what you do all day every day.
The feminine needs to receive:
  • We need to be supported, not do the supporting. That means delegate & automate
  • We need to have an emotional connection to our business and our clients
  • We need to take control of our schedule and book in time to relax and regenerate, taking into account our cyclical energy
All of this allows us to remain INSPIRED and CONNECTED.
We are the creators in this world – we must be connected to that bigger source of intelligence beyond us for us to flourish.
When you get our of all that pressure and noise and hustle and bustle, and you stay connected, then business feels easy again.
Your simple systems work for you.
You feel energised and happy each day.
You’re able to grow and serve at a higher level.
Are you living too feminine or too masculine right now? Where would you like to be? Leave me a comment and let’s get you back in balance!

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