Are You Ready to Change Your Life 

Let’s not beat around the bush. 
You’re here because you KNOW that there’s a different life available to you.

I don’t need to convince you of that.

You know that as a deep, core, fundamental TRUTH. You can FEEL that truth in your very being. 

It excites you more than you dare even acknowledge, this idea that you can live a fulfilling, nourishing life, topped up to the brim and THANKFUL every single day.

And you can live like this while you earn an incredible income - a forever life-altering income. A residual income, that’s there for you even when you stop hustling for it. A financial legacy you can leave to your children and loved ones down the line.

And if that were not enough… you get to earn and live like this while serving an incredible joint mission: to improve the physical, financial and emotional health of your community and people around the world.

And while you know that this is what you’re craving, there’s that little niggle of fear. It wonders if it’s too good to be true. 

Do you even deserve that level of freedom, joy and impact?

Shut that little voice down asap, and read on to hear exactly HOW you can make this dream a reality for you…

You’re invited to join our powerful collaboration of other world changemakers - Team Living Rosy.

We’re a global crew of passionate and motivated individuals, who’ve joined forces to spread wellness in the world.
We’ve all fallen in love with doTERRA essential oils. We’ve adopted an essential oil lifestyle and seen their benefits. 

Now we are committed to spreading the message to other people who need these beautiful natural solutions as well. 

We do the inner work required to show up at ever higher levels in the world, to be the beacon and show others how great life can get.

We’re ecstatic that our personal financial success is dependent on helping others to rise:

* our customers, who we empower with natural health solutions
* our team members, who we support to grow their leadership and their bank balances
* our suppliers, who benefit from every bottle of oil we sell and use.
How It Works:
We help homes around the world to empower themselves with natural wellness by sharing the world's purest essential oils - doTERRA.

We educate everyday people on how to use these beautiful gifts from mother nature, through in person and online classes and webinars. 

We also invite other people to join our wonderful crew, to help spread wellness even further. Around 11% of doTERRA customers ever choose to build a business. 
The doTERRA Opportunity
Step 1: Elite
You start off in doTERRA falling in love with the products themselves (not hard to do!) Once you’re head over heels, you can’t help but share! 

At this level, you’ll likely host your first classes, share with your colleagues and friends, and jump for joy when your first commission cheque comes through! 
You’ll likely earn anywhere from $100-$500 a month.

Step 2: Premier
Then, as your belief in the company grows (again, not hard to fall in love with their impact!) you’ll start to get more serious. You’ll share more regularly to new audiences, and start to find your flow with this beautiful business. 

As you get more customers, you’ll start to earn not just commissions, but some residual income as well!
You’ll likely earn around $1,000 a month.

Step 3: Silver
You’ll start to develop belief in yourself and see a bigger vision for where this opportunity could take you. As you attract in others who want to build with you, you step up as a new leader. You hit Silver when you support 3 members of your team to hit Elite rank.

You’ve now hit the first leadership rank, and you qualify for your share of 7% of doTERRA's global sales! On average, you earn around $2,200 a month at this level.

Step 4: Gold:
As you grow, so does your team, and you learn how to transfer your belief into your team. 
By now, you’re still enrolling each and every month, as is your team. You’ve also moved into the next leadership bracket, opening up an even bigger slice of the leadership bonus pool. You hit Gold when you support 3 members of your team to hit Premier rank.

On average, you earn around $5,000 a month at this level. For many, this will replace your full time job’s income!

Step 5: Platinum & Beyond
As you scale your leadership and your team, doTERRA becomes ever more generous because your impact increases. You’ll grow into a six figure annual income when you hit Platinum. This is achieved by supporting 3 members of your team to hit Silver rank. 

You can then continue to grow through the ranks to hit multiple six figures. Finally, by the time you reach Presidential Diamond level, you’ll earn on average $1.3million a year. 

At all levels, eventually, your income becomes residual - you earn whether you hustle for it or not. This happens there are enough repeat orders and your team is enrolling enough new customers each month to generate your commissions.

You can rise through these ranks as slowly or quickly as you desire. The quickest I have heard of is Diamond in 30 days. Many people choose to grow more slowly and can take many years to reach that level, or even stop before they get there.

 There are no targets or external pressure to perform - this is YOUR business to grow on your own timeline.
At every level, you can only rise as your team rises with you. That's the beauty of this model: doTERRA supports those who are constantly serving their customers and their team.

This business model and opportunity weeds out the ‘get rich quick-ers’. It drops dishonest and selfish people like a hot potato.

That’s why our community is such a supportive, collaborative, amazing group of women (and some men!).
We are visionaries.
We see a huge world of possibility, and we are driven by helping ourselves AND others

Some of our big visions include …

* retiring our husbands
* supporting our parents with a residual income
* giving our kids the best education money can buy
* seeing the world at our own pace
* quitting our jobs 
* creating charity trusts

What’s your big life vision? Take a moment now to deepen into that dream. How could doTERRA help you achieve it?
We’re going to get on swimmingly well if you’re…

* An action taker. You’re dedicated to your dreams and you won’t stop until they are a reality

* A team player. You’re driven by your goals, and you also see the possibility + responsibility that comes from co-creating that goal with a team

* A self-starter. I’ll give you all the resources, but I can’t ‘motivate’ to do the work. That’s your job.

* Deeply caring and driven to make the world a better place

* Not afraid of the word ‘no’, or of inevitable obstacles that pop up on the way to success

* Ambitious and Inspired. You want to create six to seven figures of financial freedom, because you see all the GOOD you can do with it

* Honest and Accountable. You see the beauty in this business, and you promise to work for the highest good.

If this doesn’t sound much like you, that’s totally ok! But this team is not for you.

But if this IS you - let’s get started! I can’t wait to match my energy with yours to co create some seriously epic magic.
When you join Team Living Rosy, you’ll receive:
* Exclusive 8-week business coaching programme ($3,000 value)

* Done-for-you custom marketing funnels I personally use ($10,000 Value)

* Ongoing coaching and mentoring from me in our weekly team call ($5,000 Value)

 * Team training portal with extra training ($997 value)
* Access to the #TeamLivingRosy team community, as well communities from our doTERRA leaders ($3,997 value)

That's a total value of $23,994!
How to Join Us:
The cost to join is simply the cost of purchasing your Enrolment kit, if you don't already have one.

Joining our team is by application only. To be considered, you’ll need to answer a couple of questions and book a call with me below:
You'll only succeed with a doTERRA business if you're in love with the oils themselves.

If you don't yet have your oils, kickstart the application process by making your first order:
1. Enrol as a Wholesale Customer with doTERRA. 
You’ll then receive 25% off every purchase for a whole year.

(note: please enrol first as a Wholesale Customer NOT as a Wellness Advocate). We can upgrade your account once we have spoken. This is vitally important so that I can best place and support you in our organisation.)

2. Get yourself an enrolment kit. You’ll save even more on the products inside, as well as waive the Wholesale enrolment fee of $35.

The Natural Solutions Kit is the one you’ll need to share with others.

3. Sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP). 
You’ll immediately start earning back product points at an incredible ~$1 = 1 point rate. 
It starts with 10% back, and climbs up to a massive 30% in points for every order you make. You can also get a free product every month!

To earn the full commissions available, you should place a monthly order of at least 150 points.
You'll Need the 
Natural Solutions Kit.
It offers you doTERRA’s core essential oils + many amazing natural products
My Why for my doTERRA business is to create a residual income by the time my future kids come into the picture. 

I want to be a loving and super present mama - to see the first steps and hear their first words - while bringing my babes all the support and stresslessness that financial freedom brings.

And then… oh wow and then….

When I was backpacking in China at age 18, I was stopped in the street by a lady begging. She was speaking Mandarin but her intention was clear… she wanted to give me her baby. I was horrified that someone would be so desperate that they’d give their baby to a total stranger (not to mention an 18 year old!) 

Crying in the hostel afterward, I vowed to change things for kids on the streets in China.

Then, of course, life swept me on its way. I finished university, got a job and lost my Why for a while. It wasn’t until 10 years later that I was met with the harsh reality of the world again, this time in Lebanon. I met maids who would leave their kids behind in countries as far away as Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Philippines, because they were desperate for work to feed them. They’d miss their kids entire childhoods for $150 a month. 

I wanted to find a way to create economic opportunity for them at home, where they could remain in their own cultures and communities, with their families. 

This charity is a pipe dream I thought was 20 years away, but because of doTERRA, I can create a million dollar residual income. 
My goal is to reach this by my 30th birthday in February 2019.
Apply to Join Team Living Rosy
Joining our team is by application only. To be considered, you’ll need to answer a couple of questions and book a call with me below:
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