Patricia Nebrada

Happiness Podcast Episode #11 – Patricia Nebrada on Knowing Yourself

Patricia is a life coach, hypnotherapist and energy therapist.

Coming from a background in therapy, Patricia now focuses on freeing people from their fears and anxieties to help them achieve their dreams. Her range of skills in different fields allows her to adjust her coaching techniques to fit each individual client.

Today we’ve been discussing her work and how we can all create new ways of thinking to overcome what we believe our limitations are – or what we have been told they are…

Listen now to learn:

01:46: Patricia tells us about her work and how she entered into the fields of coaching and therapy.

06:20: Has Patricia found the answers she was looking for when she began her journey? We discuss how we identify and overcome our problems in life.

12:01: Patricia believes the human brain can do whatever we want it to – she explains how.
16:04: The power of the sub-conscience and how to access it.

22:59: Hypnotherapy: Meditation with a goal. Patricia explains.

25:06: Patricia and I discuss the psychological factors that may prevent us from seeking happiness.

31:26: How does Patricia think we can find happiness?

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Check out her programme – High Frequency Coaching with Patricia Nebrada

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