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Happiness School Episode #12 – Lexi D’Angelo on Being MultiPassionate and Fully Activated

Lexi D’Angelo is, by definition, a multi-passionate entrepreneur! Life coach, spiritual guide and visionary are but a few examples of her chosen fields!

Her business is based around combining different worlds of business, spirituality and wellness within lifestyle and relationships and aims to encourage female entrepreneurs and leaders to do the same.

It is this combination of achieving career success, spiritual balance, happiness within our relationships and physical and mental health that will ultimately lead to true fulfilment, rather than simply focusing on one or two things and nothing else.

Lexi’s programme, the Fully Activated Woman, works as a guide for self-discovery through every aspect of yourself and subsequently your potential for success and happiness in every part of your life: personal, career and love!

Listen now to learn:

01:58: Lexi tells us more about her business and the idea of creating a full identity for ourselves.

05:20: Does Lexi think we can really have it all? If so, how?

08:50: A little more about Lexi’s personal journey and the bumps in the road.

15:16: Sometimes we need to take a step back and have some introspection; Lexi and I discuss the idea of ‘seasons’ or phases in our growth and work drives.

20:23: Do you have to be an entrepreneur to have all of this? Is it possible to have a regular, corporate job and be fully activated and fulfilled?

22:17: Lexi tells us why personal development is key to happiness and how it can have a positive effect on the people around us as well.

29:16: We talk about Lexi’s new project: Sex, Love and Fulfilment! How can being unapologetic and open about our sexuality and our bodies help us find contentment and success?

36:56: How does Lexi think we can find happiness?

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