Lauren Robertson with Rosie Freiha

Happiness School Podcast #6 – Lauren Robertson, the Medium in Manolos

Lauren is a medium, spiritual coach and speaker. Having trained as a psychic medium from age 14, she went on to achieve a MA Hons in Psychology and Literature from University of Glasgow, specialising in consciousness, emotions and philosophy of mind. She is now a published author and continues to use her gift to in her coaching to help clients overcome their emotional difficulties, empower themselves spiritually and channel their inner creativity into pursuing financial, personal and global goals.

Today we are speaking about Lauren’s work and experiences as a medium and the effects these have had on her achievements and pursuits.

Along the way we also examine the idea of destiny and spirituality and the role this plays in finding true happiness.

How do you feel about spirituality? Do you think this is an important factor in your happiness? Leave a comment and let me know!

Listen now to learn:

06:07: About Lauren, how she became a medium and her work as a spiritual coach.

08:58: Has this idea of destiny helped her in making choices for her career? Is this important in pursuing true happiness?

12:20: How did she know her purpose at such a young age? How did she overcome the common pitfalls of self-doubt and lack of confidence?

16:05: Reaching out to different planes of existence or consciousness: Lauren’s work as a medium.

19:49: Can anyone be a medium? Can the practice of mediumship lend a hand in the pursuit of happiness? How do we overcome the stigma associated with these phenomena?

32:51: About her debut book, exclusive offers and competition! How to connect with Lauren.

34:48: What is Lauren’s secret to happiness?


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