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Happiness School Episode #13 – Keeley Olivia on Claiming Your Sexual Energy

Keeley is a love, sex and relationship coach, aiming to help people reach fulfilment in their relationships.

With 10 years as a scientist, a Bachelor’s degree, two Masters degrees and a certificate in Transformational and Holistic Sexuality, Keeley’s knowledge base is incredibly varied and unique – not to mention impressive!

She, like many of us, left her ‘expected’ career to pursue her own dreams and today we are talking about this journey and how it has shaped both her and her business.

Her mission is, to quote her, “orgasmic world peace” through the normalisation of female sexuality and helping women reclaim their own sexuality as a step towards their overall happiness and fulfilment.

Listen now to learn:

01:35: What is a love, sex and relationship coach? What are the challenges in finding and maintaining loving relationships?

05:15: How Keeley got into this field and the identity shift that comes with entrepreneurship.

11:02: Keeley and I discuss the stigma around female sexuality and how she plans to counter it in her business.

16:30: Keeley explains the meaning and power of ‘sex magic.’

19:00: Some info on Keeley’s new book, ‘Unleashing the Female O,’ and how to connect with her.

23:21: How does Keeley think we can find happiness?

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