“It’s Funny Seeing YOU Give People Life Advice”

“It’s funny seeing you give people life advice”
A couple of weeks back in London I had lunch with an old friend from university, who I hadn’t seen in years as we’d lived in different countries. We caught up in super quick speed over her lunch break (how do you condense 4 years into 30 mins each??)
Then, as I walked her back to her office, she said something funny…
“I’ve seen your site, and it’s so well done. I’d totally buy your stuff!”
(thank you!)
“But it’s so funny seeing you give people life advice, when I knew you in university and you were such a mess”
I just chuckled.
I WAS a mess in university. What 21 year old has it all sussed out?
I’m not ashamed of that time. It was a moment in my life – and I’m grateful for every second of it.
In fact, I’m sure YOU were a mess in university too.
And you know what? That’s ok!
The purpose of our life is to grow. No one comes into this world fully perfected.
(If you DIDN’T grow since university, you’d have a bigger problem on your hands!)
So when you put other people on a pedestal, and you think they’ve got it all figured out – you’re doing yourself a disservice.
Because, by putting other people UP, you are putting yourself DOWN. By saying “that’s ok for them, but not for me”, you’re taking yourself out of the game.
People seem polished when they’ve gone through tremendous GROWTH. Messy, ugly crying, growth.
They become successful when they do things that scare the crap out of them (like start a business?!).
And then they do MORE things that scare the crap out of them.
Somewhere along the way, they do the scary stuff so often it doesn’t seem scary anymore. They’ve become competent at the stuff they struggled with.
This is good news for you!
No one is born with the “success” gene – they just grow and expand.
YOU can grow and expand too!
You can have ANYTHING you want – if you’re willing to do the internal growth work to get it.
Make your dreams happen!

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