“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Did you know?

You can have an incredible, amazing, exquisite, exciting, surprising, divine life.
You can fill yourself up to the absolute brim with joy, abundance, love, and adventure.

You can create a life and a career that’s so full of meaning and impact that you go to sleep at night deliciously, deliriously tired – and yet so pumped up for the next day, because you played FULL OUT and gave your all.

You can build a mission and a legacy that not only helps other people (thousands, maybe millions of other people)… but that also takes such good care of YOU that you never have to bother your mind with bills, budgets or anything so goddamn BORING.

Is your current career giving you a life THIS good?


Creating this kind of epic life takes more than following the herd. You need to step up and out of the normal humdrum of everyday life. 

No more work-eat-bills-sleep. 

And no more chasing after clients, constantly in hustle mode.

You need to create a different way of showing up in the world.

You need to USE your potential.

This is for the women who KNOW they have a bigger purpose to share with the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working as an online marketing specialist, a coach, an accountant, a lawyer, a sales person or a full-time mother right now… you know that’s not ALL you are.

The REAL you has a message to share. The REAL you knows you can help other people.


I'm Rosie Freiha.

I want you become Healthy, Happy and Financially Free.

When I started out my professional life working in an investment bank, I pretty quickly knew that it was the WORST decision I’d ever made.

I was up at the crack of dawn, working 12, 14, 16 hours a day, exhausted, frustrated and stuck.I knew there was something more important out there for me to spend my life on than helping hedge funds save money on their financing…

I’ve since learned that everything happens for a reason… I was put in that bank:

SO THAT I would get so stressed that I got an autoimmune disease…
SO THAT I would burn out and get made redundant…
SO THAT I would learn all about health and stress…
SO THAT I could then start teaching other women how to look after themselves.

That was my first business: health coaching. Health coaching got me started in this magical online world. 

It got me an income outside my job, and taught me so much about marketing, systems, tech, websites… everything!

Fast forward to a year after quitting my banking job, I had created a six figure income through my online business. Six months after that, my husband also quit his finance job. We had plans to become digital nomads! We were going to live all over the world! As I kept growing, and learning, I was called to share this new knowledge with other women who felt like me.

And so, in 2015 I created a school to teach women how to create an online business. You know those people you hate on Instagram, who have the perfect life jetting from cool European city to tropical beach? That was literally my life! I had hit every single dream and goal on my vision board. My husband was working with me, we had a six figure income, and we were living in the sunshine.

But for some reason, I was still unhappy. I was starting to feel unfulfilled. I was losing interest in my business. None of my goals ever felt like they were ‘enough’. 

Maybe you’ve experienced that yourself – you achieve all the things you THOUGHT would make you happy, and then you get there, and it just feels empty.

So I thought maybe it was time to up level. I decided I’d take my business to 7 figures, that I’d travel business class everywhere, that we’d buy a villa in the south of France… 

But as I kept striving and hustling for THOSE goals, I got more and more drained.

And more bored.

And more unfulfilled.

I started REALLY resenting my business. And even worse, our income started going DOWN, not up!

I didn’t actually WANT these goals. Having more of the SAME thing wasn’t what I really needed.

And here’s where I want you to take note. Maybe you’ve also hit all your goals, and you’re bored. Maybe you’re still striving for them.

If you’re pinning all your happiness on something happening in the future – are you really sure those goals WILL make you happy?

Whether its a glamorous lifestyle, or a freedom business, or the perfect partner – are you SURE that alone will make you happy?

Thinking about this myself started a year of deep soul searching for me. 

If I had everything I had ever thought I wanted, and I still wasn’t happy, then what REALLY creates happiness?


And so, I decided to find out...

I had been working in the personal development space for the last few years, so I decided to ask around all the people I could think of who might have an answer for me: coaches, gurus, successful entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers. I started my podcast, Happiness School, to take you with me on this journey to discover the true source of happiness.

I incorporated my studies with some of the world's top coaches - from Tony Robbins to John Kehoe - into my own coaching.  I love working closely with select women to help them re-programme their thoughts and belief systems to allow them to create a life of fulfilment and purpose.

My hustle had impacted my health, so I also took a deep dive into learning how to nourish my body and look after myself. I worked with a functional medicine doctor, I studied biohacking, and I learned all about natural wellness.

Along the way, I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils by a coaching colleague, and I fell in love with the therapeutic and emotional power. I was also impressed by their wonderful, straightforward business model. I knew I had stumbled onto the perfect vehicle for my community of aspiring entrepreneurs.

I’m excited to start this journey with you!

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