Why We Have To Follow Our Heart

For a while now I’ve been blindly following my heart. I’ve not known where I’m going or why things are unfolding.

As a former/current control freak… that’s scary!

I’ve been battling with what’s my “thing” – my purpose, my mission the reason I’m here. My business isn’t exactly a business, it’s a vehicle of change. I’ve always known that. But WHAT change specifically? There’s so much that I’m passionate about. So much I see that needs done.

And when you follow your heart, it doesn’t always (or ever) make sense. I thought I was all about financial freedom for women, but eventually I realised there’s SO much more to do. My heart has been tugging me to “read, write, think” as I put it – devour books on philosophy, mindset, religion, psychology – anything human related.

But then, I was called to partner with doTERRA – how does natural health fit with mindset?

I always looked at everything from a marketing perspective… what’s the niche? What does the client want? Who even are the clients?

And then, in the last few days, I’ve had the deep realisation that actually none of this is about clients. I’m not doing this for money. Focusing on this fictional “client”, with their demographics and their brand persona and alllll of that… just isn’t working.

Because this message is my message. The people who resonate (whoever they may be) will follow along. They will hear what they need to hear.

And this isn’t about money because the money will come anyway. We’ve had money flowing in from all angles. Trying to force my message into a business was really a form of lack mentality. And the irony is, by trying to fit it into a mold, the message was lost and the money actually stopped flowing.

The thing is, the answer always falls into place eventually.

I had an intuitive hit earlier this week on how doTERRA and mindset should fit, then I went to a seminar that evening which was totally life changing

(or, really,  life-remembering)

Because it brought out everything that’s been confusing me, and laid it all out exactly as I need to share it. Even the signs I’d got nearly a year ago back in Australia FINALLY made sense.

So here it is:

We are a mind, a body and a soul.

We obviously want to arrive at the soul, but living in our mind keeps us blocked off. Our bodies are a key entry point to the soul. We can’t arrive there without dropping from the mind into the body first.

If you’re constantly living in a place of fear, anxiety, worry, self judgement, self consciousness… you’re stuck in the mind.

The body knows what’s right. Learn to listen to your intuition. You relax when you’re in your body. doTERRA fits here. I’ve had the most beautiful experience with the oils to ground me, relax me, inspire me and bring me into my body.

Stop covering and muting all your body can tell you with toxic chemicals and emotion-numbing foods. Creating a closer connection with nature will allow you to tap into your body, and doTERRA is a part of that.

And when you’re relaxed, you can dig deeper into the subconscious soul level higher intelligence that’s in you.

Just as we watch with patient perplexion when a toddler has a tantrum about ice cream not being warm, all that petty drama in our minds around ‘will he call me’ or ‘how can I make more money’ or ‘am I fat’ all disappears into nothingness when you approach how mighty you really are. That’s living from your soul.

How amazing would it be to integrate our mind, with all its power to create our reality? Our body, with all its intuitive connection to the earth? And of course our soul, with all it’s deep, universal knowledge.

I’ll be talking more about this going forward. If you want to hear more, here are a few resources for you:



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