What If We Could Choose Our Emotions?

For such a long time, I thought emotions were something you lived with. They came to you – and you had to put up with whichever one joined you that day.

But, as I left the mainstream behind, I started to explore different ways of being.

Turns out, jumping out of bed having not had enough sleep, rushing to work and sitting in front of a screen for 14 hours while you stress about office politics isn’t a great way to live…

The first thing I did was to leave that job (well, they left me). Suddenly I had space again. Space to think. Space to breathe. I slowed down, and started examining how I had been living my life. Questions started coming – was it normal to spend my life cooped up, with some other human telling me when I could go home?

In my free time, and because I had developed so many physical symptoms of stress and disease, I cleaned up my diet. The brain fog disappeared (sleep helped too). I lost all the weight I’d gained from eating takeout pasta and drinking Coke to keep me awake.

My new diet of fresh, natural foods reconnected me back into my body again. I was aware of how I felt. I started to notice when I ate the wrong food. I could tell how sluggish I was the next day from even one glass of wine.

Then, I discovered personal development. That opened up a whole new world to me. I could actually take control of my thoughts! Old belief systems I had even chosen could be replaced with ones I did want to run my life by. Where I used to listen to the news or watch useless TV shows, instead I started reading again and listening to podcasts with people I could learn from.

And then, most recently, I discovered essential oils. I was pretty cynical at first. Even worse, I got introduced to them through a network marketing company (ew!).

But when my first order arrived, I knew as soon as I put that first oil in the diffuser that something powerful was happening.

I started to feel peaceful. Balanced. Aligned.

  • I’d rub some lavender on my wrists to wind down before bed.
  • I’d splash some Peppermint to wake up in the morning.
  • I’d have Frankincense misting to get deeper into my meditation.

I realised that I could choose how I wanted to feel that day, based on what oil I chose to apply.

More peace & calm? -> Lavender or Frankincense

More energy? -> Peppermint or Lemon

There are so many aromatherapy blends created specifically for emotions, but I can go into them another day.

For now, I wanted to share my experience of how I choose the emotion I want to feel day by day.


Do I still have bad days? Of course! But at least I know the steps I can take to get out of it as fast as I want to:


1) Give my body what it needs. 

More sleep? Nap time. More food? Eat (healthily). Simple as that!


2) Choose my inputs wisely. 

The news is only there to make you feel bad. It’s not like you can take any action today to stop Trump’s latest tweet, or make the car crash victim come back to life. So instead, I play a podcast and learn something about spirituality, health, mindset, or anything I find interesting.


3) Use an essential oil – whichever one feels most relevant to me that day.

If you’d like to know more about how to use these, check out my this free online class. It’s about an hour long, and explains more about how you can use the top 10 essential oils.


Enjoy! <3

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