What I Want You To Know…

I was thinking about you all weekend. And thinking about how we communicate. What I really want you to know.

Looking back at my messaging recently, I’ve been very focused on the financial opportunity at doTERRA. That’s because when I was stuck in my corporate job, I was under the mistaken impression that I “had it good” and that I’d never make as much as I did in finance if I ran my own business (what a joke that was!)

It’s also because, even when I had a business, I mistakenly thought that network marketing was a pretend business – something that brought in a few $100 here and there. I didn’t realise the full extent of what was possible until I met serious earners in my wider team.

But the thing is… doTERRA really isn’t about the money! The money is like a nice add on, but it’s not why I chose to join, nor why I want to shout from the rooftops about it.

You see, #1 thing doTERRA offers is FREEDOM. 

Freedom to create a business from your living room, in your baby’s nap time, or from the road as you see the world.

We talk so much about work life balance, feminism, and equal opportunities. We fought for years to get the same rights as men. But let’s face it, nobody of either gender actually enjoys leaving for the office at the break of dawn, only heading home once it’s already dark.

We’ve created the same rights as men (albeit at 75% of their pay)… but why would we even want what the average corporate man has when there’s SO much more out there?

Why are we still going to an office cubicle for 10-12 hours a day, just to pay the bills and maybe afford a holiday at the end of it all? With doTERRA, you can work from home part time, and have a holiday every MONTH if you wanted to!

What if you could…

  • enable your husband to quit his job to work on his own business, like our own leader Alice Nicholls?
  • travel the world with your hubs and kids, like Alice Abba?
  • grow a successful business while staying home with your babies, like Keeli Martinez?

The beauty of doTERRA over starting your own brand is that it’s already 90% done for you. The product has been tested. 7 million customers have shown what’s working already! The back end, the tech systems, the customer service – it’s all done for you.

All you need to do is share (market) the product – and even THAT is nearly all done for you! There’s a tested, proven system in place that countless thousands of other people have followed to create the success and lifestyle that they desire to have.

On top, I’ve developed automated marketing systems for my own doTERRA business that I will be sharing with you when you join my team, so at the click of a button your entire website, marketing, webinars, and payment pages are all set up for you! There’s over $21,000 of done-for-you business services and training in my doTERRA package.

This free training explains how I run my doTERRA business. Enjoy!



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