What Difference Do You Want to Make?

When I worked in banking, every morning I’d wake up with the same question in my mind…

what difference am I making in the world??

It would drive me insane, feeling like I was wasting my energy and life pushing paper instead of having an impact.

That’s why I started my business – I wanted to help other women who were at risk of getting sick from stress like I had (I got so ill I developed coeliac disease and had to take some months off work).

That health coaching business turned into freedom business coaching, until that same niggle started again…

… what difference am I making in the world??

I realised I needed to up-level the impact I was making again.

I’d always dreamed of having a charity to help people born into less fortunate circumstances.

But as I tried to grow my coaching business, there were so many headaches that I realised I didn’t want the lifestyle that came from a million dollar business.

I didn’t want to work corporate hours like my successful colleagues seemed to do.

I didn’t want to manage a large team of employees, scale into live events, or any of the things it seemed I had to do.

So, I put the charity dream on the back burner.

That is, until doTERRA came into my life.

My friend Jess, a highly successful coach, introduced me to doTERRA when she joined. At first I was shocked – why was she wasting her time in network marketing? (I had some seriously wrong beliefs about the industry!)

But, as she explained the concept to me and discussed the compensation plan, I realised how doable it was to reach the highest ranks.

Because doTERRA is all about duplication, you earn from your own efforts, but you also earn as your team grows. As they succeed, doTERRA pays you residual income.

Jess also shared how much charity work doTERRA does – it’s built into their supply chain as well as them having a charity arm.

The two clicked – I could earn my million dollar income to fund my charity, while enjoying the freedom of a simple business model!

I could have the impact I desired without it costing me my health and sanity!

On top, doTERRA’s mission is so beautiful. They want to bring natural health to homes across the world through their top quality products. Not many people realise, but doTERRA is an essential oil company first, with the network marketing added on because it makes the most sense to share the product. In fact, the founders initially didn’t want to start a network marketing company!

My initial business mission back in 2014 was to help women combat stress through an unnatural and unhealthy corporate lifestyle. Now, 4 years on, I’ve come full circle with that! AND I get to make other dreams of having a charity come true as well.

Does this resonate with you ? Would you also like to have more impact in the world?

If so, doTERRA is likely the perfect place for you.

This free online training explains how I’m building my doTERRA business – and how you can get involved.

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