Sarah Negus with Rosie Freiha

Happiness School Episode #14 – Sarah Negus: The Modern Day Shaman

Sarah Negus is a Modern Day Shaman – a title of her own invention – who helps her clients discover their inner creativity, power and potential.

She specifically deals with unseen energy in tailored mentoring programmes designed to enable us to set aside the negativity we have built up inside ourselves, and make the choice to go after what we need and want to be happy.

After many difficult experiences, Sarah finally did just that and made the life-changing decision to set herself free and pursue what the life she wanted.

Today she and I are discussing her journey and the things she discovered about happiness and power, as well as an exploration of shamanism and what it means to her.

Listen now to Learn:

01:44: Sarah explains what a ‘modern day shaman’ is and how she discovered it.

09:17: Sarah and I discuss the importance of self-responsibility and having clarity in both your needs and ambitions.

12:56: The specific problems that women face in searching for fulfilment in work and the concept of guilt in working outside the generic parameters of the 9-5 day.

16:08: The idea of a self-saboteur and how to overcome it to find your truth.

20:05: Sarah believes we have an infinite level of self-responsibility and explains how this realisation is so important in finding your vision. *trigger warning for mentions of childhood abuse*

25:35: How we can begin our journey by ‘choosing’ happiness.

31:37: A bit of info on Sarah’s 7-day meditation course

36:44: How does Sarah think we can find happiness?

Connect with Sarah:
Facebook, Instagram and YouTube: Sarah Negus
Facebook Group: Evolve & Thrive

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