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Happiness School Episode #7 – Nikki Sharp on Self Love & Social Media

International model turned Health and Wellness Coach and author of 5-day Real Food Detox which promises detox without restriction – through 5 meals a day in fact!

Her passion for cooking, combined with a zeal for health culminated in her belief that your body must be viewed positively first and foremost, and that nutrition and exercise should be a reward instead of a punishment. A positive outlook is the first step towards happiness!

After graduating in 2004, her work as a model took her to China, South Korea, Thailand, Australia and the U.K. during which time she took an interest in clean eating as a way to keep healthy. She began to take courses in raw food and nutrition with an aim to increase her physical and mental health, which she shared through her blog and Instagram.

Over time she amassed thousands of followers and discovered that not only did she love health, she loved teaching others about it. Her e-book, 5-day Detox, became a bestseller and is now being re-published through Random House!

Nikki now lives in L.A. and has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Women’s Health as well as T.V. shows such as Access Hollywood and Good Day L.A!
How does your perception of your health and body affect your happiness? Leave a comment and let me know!

Listen now to learn:

00:03:47: The link between health and self-love.

00:05:34: How the journey of spirituality can bring you closer to like-minded people.

00:21:37: What is the effect of stress on your health?

00:24:36: Is a spiritual journey the only way to achieve true happiness? Are we meant to face the troubles that we do?

00:36:06: Nikki and I discuss the idea of limitations and how to overcome them (or if we even should…)

00:48:02: How does the new age of technology compare with before? Does this have a positive or negative impact on your goals? On your happiness?

00:59:01: Living a life that inspires you – how Nikki thinks we can find happiness.

01:07:45: How to connect with Nikki!


Learn more about Nikki and her delicious recipes at
Tips can also be accessed through her 5-day Detox app.
Order your copy of 5-day Detox now and look out for Nikki’s second book coming in May 2018!

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