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Happiness School Episode #8 – Megan Huber on Success, Productivity and Stress

Megan and her husband, Shawn, run their coaching business Structured Freedom, where she works with clients to help them develop a positive mindset. By focusing on this initially, they continue on to find success in business, health and happiness!

Megan began her working life as a high school Business teacher and later began teaching online. When her daughter was born she quit teaching and after some time spent thinking about what she wanted to do, began working for a personal development company where she got a great insight into the behind-the-scenes of a 7-figure company.

Last year she started her own business and built it from the ground up, working it into her life using her own unique system to focus, organise and prioritise each aspect of her life – not everything HAS to be about your business ALL the time!

How do you go about organising your time? Do you find focusing more on your work or personal life helps with your happiness? Leave a comment and let me know!

Listen now to learn:

01:57: Learn more about Megan’s career and how she created a successful business from the ground up!

16:12: How to focus on our success (whether we’ve reached it yet or not!) What about the dangers of “over” achieving?

31:14: Megan and I discuss the art of focusing and how having these systems in place to help her focus has affected her overall happiness.

34:13: “You don’t always have to be a 10!” Prioritising is key! The importance of self-awareness in re-centring your focus.

36:15: Megan’s goals for 2018.

41:29: How does Megan think we can find happiness?

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