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Happiness School Episode #3 – Jessica Nazarali on Managing Business, Baby & Mission

In today’s podcast I’m speaking to my friend Jessica Nazarali.

Jess is a Business Strategist and Master Coach. She’s the founder of It Girl Academy and It Girl Foundation.
Like myself, Jessica started off in the corporate world, working in business development before starting a health and wellness blog which ultimately led her to become a coach and 7 figure entrepreneur.
She shares the background to her success, as well as what drives her towards her goals, especially now she’s a mum.
There’s gold in this episode! What did you learn? Leave a comment and let me know!

Listen now to learn:

06:17: How Jess accomplished so much so young

09:12: Do her ambitions help or hinder her happiness?

11:58: How she navigates her home business with her personal life (especially working with her husband!)

17:30: How becoming a mother has changed her perspective on business and success

28:22: How her purpose in business has changed over time

34:13: Jess explains how she manages her non-profit It Girl Foundation alongside running her business

44:46: How Jess is planning to expand her business further in 2018


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