Happiness School Episode #10 – Lauren Joyce on Loving Your Feminine

Lauren Joyce, otherwise known as the Magnetic Woman, is a Sex, Love and Relationship coach. After her first self-development course at age 25 Lauren began to discover her true potential and found that her power and success was intrinsically linked to her femininity; the more she embraced it, the more successful she became!

Now Lauren has built (and continues to build) her dream life and through her Magnetic Woman program she runs online courses as well as private coaching for women who want to discover their true power and connect with their feminine energy.

This ‘magnetic’ energy is the basis of her teachings – the idea that empowering yourself as a woman will result in you attracting everything you desire to yourself, be it a relationship, success in your career or simply self-empowerment and confidence!

Listen now to learn:

01:41: Lauren explains what it means for a woman to be ‘magnetic’ in both body and mind.

08:18: Lauren and I discuss the cultural influence on women, our perception of ourselves, our power and our sexuality both in the past and today.

19:00: Can women who are completely focused on their career success – and nothing else – be truly happy?

21:41: What is Lauren’s advice for women who are beginning this journey?

26:47: *trigger warning* We discuss the significance of normalised sexual trauma in our lives and the disconnect this can cause between women and their femininity, creative energy and power.

38:41: Do we need to be in a relationship to be happy?

40:55: What does Lauren think is the number one issue stopping women from being happy?

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