The Real Truth Behind How It Feels to Work For Yourself

Do you ever have those almost out of body experiences, where you see yourself from above? You watch your body like you’re not actually in your body at that moment? I had one today. I got off the bus and I was walking through the local market in Cannes. The vendors were shouting, piles of … Read more

The Two Key Traits to Succeed In Business

We spend way too long trying to figure out the “right” tactic or strategy to build our business. But, it’s much more of an inner game. Whatever system you buy into, are you willing to work that system until you succeed? In this video, I share two key traits I’ve noticed in successful people across all … Read more

How to Stop Feeling Disempowered

Feeling disempowered is just the WORST feeling. At it’s extreme, it can make us give up all hope… even die. (I share more about those studies in this video). In today’s video, I share one small shift in your thinking that can stop you from feeling so disempowered when problems arise in your life.   … Read more

10x Your Dreams… But Don’t Forget to 10x THIS Too!

Have you heard of Grant Cardone? I recently finished his book, The 10x Rule. We all know about 10x-ing our dreams and goals, but he reminded us that there’s something else we need to 10x as well if we want to make them come true! I share more in this video:   Find out more … Read more

A Practical Trick to Move Through Fear

In today’s video, I share a super easy and quick technique you can use to help you move through any fear and resistance you have in your life. It’s called EFT, or Tapping – have you heard of it? Here’s how to do it:     Find our more about my new business coaching scholarships … Read more

Stop Waiting For Someone Else to Save You

I noticed a belief hidden deep inside me recently… I still think that someone is going to come along and save me. How convenient! No need for me to do anything then! Can you see how this could be a problem? In this video, I share how I worked through this very same limiting belief … Read more

Why Freaking Out in Business is Normal!

Do you also beat yourself up every time you fall down in business? There’s really no need – freak outs are a normal (every day!) part of the entrepreneurial journey… In this video, I share more on how to handle yourself when you’re faced with something scary in business.   Find out more about my … Read more

Are You Thriving, or Just Surviving?

What’s the difference between surviving and thriving? Most people don’t know, because they’re only just getting by. This video shares how you can jump from barely surviving, to thriving in your life.     Find out about my new business coaching scholarships here: Learn More

What Information Are You Allowing Into Your Mind?

What information are you allowing into your mind on a daily basis? We are influenced by everything we take in. Now, we can either take control and choose what we allow into our consciousness, or we can just allow any old trash to sway our minds. In this video, I share the importance of being … Read more