Rosie Freiha with Kim Rich

Happiness School Episode #1 – Kim Rich on Being Bold

Today I’m interviewing my colleague Kimberly Rich, founder of the Bold Life Movement and High Performance Coach.

The Bold Life Movement was born out of Kim’s desire to take control of her life and live it the way she wanted; travelling the world and helping others achieve their dream lifestyle.

This episode is mostly about what boldness means to you and your happiness. Kim has plenty of great tips for setting your own goals and finding the confidence to achieve them.

What are your thoughts on boldness? Leave me comment and let me know!

Listen now to learn:

07:29: What does boldness mean to Kim? How can it lead to happiness?

10:09: “Being bold doesn’t make you a bad person” – Kim explains

14:13: How Kim found alignment in her business

19:48: Kim’s tips for creating a powerful network of entrepreneurs and influencers

22:27: Kim explains the benefits of high-performance coaching


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