You Deserve a Life that Matches Your True Soul.

You KNOW there's more to life.
You can live a life that makes you happy - every single day.
Once your cup is overflowing, you can start to have an impact on other people too.

But you’re starting to realise that this task is pretty massive. Overwhelming, in fact.

You’re learning the hard way that following the standard corporate road can start to suck the life out of you.

I’ve been on that journey too, my love. It’s time for you to learn how to give yourself what you need and desire.

But first, some loving boundaries…
(if you stick around, you’ll learn about those too!)

I’m here to help you rise… BUT - you need to be committed to meeting me on that journey.
My work will work on you only if you’re ready for the transformation. If you prefer to stick to your excuses and your current stories, there’s not much for me to do.

I’m trusting that you already have a deep inner fire of motivation inside you. You’re chomping at the bit to get going, and you can’t WAIT to implement what you learn.
You know there’s a mission out there for you. 
The status quo was never a fit for you.

Maybe you already know your “purpose”.
If so, that’s great!
And maybe you know how totally off purpose you are by that sick, heavy, nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach or deep in your chest… the one that whispers (or screams) “this is NOT what life is about”

You’re over the standard work-life paradigm of hustling hard to earn money - at the expense of your health, your relationships and your sanity…

Earning money to spend it on ‘stuff’ that gives you a flash of excitement, that makes you feel like you ‘made it’ just for a moment, before that hollow dread of emptiness creeps in yet again. 

You’ve hopped on that bandwagon one too many times, and you’re ready to finally learn a different way to live, love, and finally feel peace in this world.

I'm Rosie Freiha...
I’m a student of spirituality and a lover of life.
I write, host a podcast, coach women to wholeness and mentor a beautiful doTERRA team.

I’ve had my fair share of universal smackdowns in my time (all lovingly guiding me to my purpose work, of course!)

I started life out of university in an investment bank, which landed me with a chronic autoimmune disease triggered by stress.

I spent a year of searching and struggling to find my next move, all the while working at a startup, applying for a PhD, temping in a bank and even interning at a charity.

That led me to question my insane corporate lifestyle, and so I re-trained as a health coach, helping other corporate women to lead less stressful lives.

That in turn, led to me opening an online business school to teach my clients how to replace their incomes with online businesses.

I created some “success” there in all the traditional (and instagram worthy) ways - #SixFigureIncome #DigitalNomad and #HusbandAsMyCEO.

But a family crisis made us move to Lebanon, which in turn set off its own spiral of challenges and paradigm shifts.

I realised how empty my definition of “success” really was, and how much bigger I wanted my impact to be.

I fell into a period of deep personal enquiry, experiencing an intense loss of identity and a huge spiritual transformation.

Eventually, after months of torment and inner struggle, I emerged once again, clear finally on how I was meant to show up in the world.

If you’re interested in my qualifications, I have a certificate in Nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London. I am certified by Divine Living as a coach (ICF accredited) and I am also certified with the Robbins-Madanes Centre of Strategic Intervention, founded by the world's most successful life coach, Tony Robbins; and world-renowned therapist Cloe Madanes. 

But trust me - my real qualifications came from the fact that I’ve lived through this spiritual journey to finding myself. 

I won’t take you anywhere I haven’t gone before!
Here's How I Can Help:
Natural Lifestyle
Health has always been my signal that my life is out of alignment. Dis-ease shows up in my physical body. Maybe yours too?
I use pure, therapeutic essential oils to gently bring my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies back into balance.
I’m a proud partner of doTERRA essential oils, the purest quality and the biggest hearted company I’ve ever discovered.
Learn more about using essential oils:
Guiding you to your north star
Coaching is a powerful modality to help you shift to a new level of thinking. I won’t ever TELL you what to do, but I will be there to guide you to YOUR truth and your life mission, destroying any fears or beliefs that hold you back from living your best life.
Is coaching with me right for you?
Building a financial legacy
In 2018, I shut down my online business school because I discovered an even more powerful way for my clients to create true financial independence. 

By partnering with doTERRA, you can receive incredible support and done-for-you services for free, while building a business that can generate true residual income and wealth in a collaborative team. 
Find out more about joining our doTERRA team
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My Why for my business and life is to create huge impact in the world.

When I was backpacking in China at age 18, I was stopped in the street by a lady begging. She was speaking Mandarin but her intention was clear… she wanted to give me her babyI was horrified that someone would be so desperate that they’d give their baby to a total stranger (not to mention an 18 year old!) 

Crying in the hostel afterward, I vowed to change things for kids on the streets in China.

Then, of course, life swept me on its way. I finished university, got a job and lost my Why for a while. It wasn’t until 10 years later that I was met with the harsh reality of the world again, this time in Lebanon. I met maids who would leave their kids behind in countries as far away as Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Philippines, because they were desperate for work to feed them. They’d miss their kids' entire childhoods for $150 a month. 

I wanted to find a way to create economic opportunity for them at home, where they could remain in their own cultures and communities, with their families - to start a charity to help them. 

I thought this charity was a pipe dream 20 years away... but then I discovered doTERRA! With its beautiful compensation plan and mission based business model, I realised it was the vehicle I could use to create a million dollar residual income to fund my own expenses - AND my charity. 

My goal is to reach $1 million annual income by my 30th birthday in February 2019.

Any time you purchase an essential oil through me, or if you wish to join my doTERRA team and build your own beautiful business - you are helping me to reach this big goal.
What's holding you back from the happiness you deserve?
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