So  you started your business a while back now, and you’ve made amazing progress. You’ve had clients, sold out launches, and hit those 5-figure months – or you’re close. If you read one of your old journal entries from last year or the year before, you’d realise you’ve already made those dreams come true!

So why are you so unhappy? 

Here's what no one tells you when you start a business

Becoming an entrepreneur is the biggest personal development challenge you’ll ever face. As your business grows, you change too.

You’re no longer the person who set those previous goals, so it makes sense that you need to find a new way of working and living.

I’ve been through exactly the process I just described. I created a six figure business, my husband left his job, and we travelled the world together. It should have been a dream come true, but I became more and more unhappy and stressed. I had to re-learn all I thought I knew about entrepreneurship to discover what alignment really looked like for me.

Thinking about this myself started a year of deep soul searching for me. If I had everything I had ever thought I wanted, and I still wasn’t happy, then what REALLY creates happiness? And so, I decided to find out. I had been working in the personal development space for the last few years, so I decided to ask around all the people I could think of who might have an answer for me: coaches, gurus, successful entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers.

I spent a year studying with Tony Robbins in his Mastery University, and re-training in his Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention coaching certification.

I now work with female entrepreneurs 1:1 to help you create a life and business that’s totally aligned to who you truly are now. This is a one-on-one bespoke private coaching service based on helping you discover your true purpose, mission and what truly makes you happy and fulfilled. You’ll create not only work you love, but a legacy of global impact that fully reflects your status as a change-maker in this world.

Ready to finally create a life and business that really lights you up?

Apply now for a free Alignment Strategy Session. We’ll assess your current happiness and fulfillment level and craft alignment strategies that will allow your happiness to surge and your business to flourish. We’ll discuss my Happiness Coaching and decide together on the call if working with me is right for you.

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