Have Fun, No Matter What


Yesterday I decided that I was going to have fun in my life and business, no matter what. Naturally, this morning I woke up with the same conditioning and patterns as before (they don’t change overnight!) and so I told myself it was client day today, which meant I was “busy”, and therefore couldn’t go … Read more

On Self Respect

Rosie Freiha on self respect

Self respect. What is that? Well, what does respecting another mean? Loving them Deferring to them. Listening to them. So self respect is simply: Loving YOU. Deferring to YOU. Listening to YOU. When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you gave yourself the attention and care that you need? … Read more

The 4 Steps to Creating your Dreams

laptop and coffee

If you know about the Law of Attraction, you know that you can manifest your desires. You can imagine what you want, and it will come to you. Does it happen immediately? Not usually. Does it happen without effort? Not usually. Here’s the thing: whatever you believe inside, you will create in your physical environment. … Read more

I’m So Lucky… Or Am I?

Rosie at the beach

I’m sitting in the sun, coffee in hand, looking out over the sea from a pavement cafe. The sun is beating down on my face, and I can’t help but think… “wow, I am SO lucky”. And yet, is it all luck? Other than the insanely blind luck of being born in the West, in … Read more

Stop Trying to Make It “Right”

rosie freiha happiness coaching

Stop trying to make it “right” and just let it BE. There’s no “right” answer. “Right” = Perfect. But perfect doesn’t exist. What’s “right” is what’s true for you. What’s true for you is what FEELS good to you. So stop trying to make it “make sense”. Stop trying to figure out “what people will … Read more

Set Goals You Plan to Fail (Here’s Why)

goal setting

Recently I came to a MASSIVE, CRAZY realisation. Like, life-changing level of a-ha moment. You see, when I used to goal set, I felt a lot of pressure to make sure that goal happened by whatever date I had in mind (usually the end of the month). I’d set reasonable, slightly stretch goals, so I’d … Read more

“Realistic”: My Least Favourite Word

girl blowing wishing flower

You know what? I’m tired of people telling me to be “realistic”. What does that even mean? Live the life that THEY have already experienced, and know is true? What if one person has experienced more than another? Each of their versions of “realistic” would be different. There are people in Africa and India (and … Read more

Why You’re Still Stuck

Rosie Freiha

Why are you not achieving at your highest level? Why are you still stuck there, wondering IF you can make it? Why are you second guessing your every move? I’ll tell you why… You haven’t been working on your mind. We all know how to lose weight, right? You put certain foods IN your body … Read more

A Look Back on my 2017 (Crazy, Hectic Minimalists)

Rosie Freiha

Looking back on 2017, I’m surprised by just how much we packed into those 365 days. It honestly feels more like 10 years than just one. We started the year in full on launch mode, opening the doors for the first time to our Freedom Business Academy (how has it only been a year since … Read more

What would happen if you just said YES?

Rosie Freiha

What are your wildest, most impossible dreams for 2018? What would excite you, scare you, give you shivers just THINKING about accomplishing? I have HUGE ideas for us to accomplish together in 2018. I am totally transforming my business, my mindset and my mission – and YOU can join in! I’m talking new programmes, new … Read more