What Difference Do You Want to Make?

When I worked in banking, every morning I’d wake up with the same question in my mind… … what difference am I making in the world?? It would drive me insane, feeling like I was wasting my energy and life pushing paper instead of having an impact. That’s why I started my business – I … Read more

The Antidote to Isolation

Do you want to know something that makes me really uncomfortable? I haven’t had any friends near me for the last 2 years. The downside of how we’ve been doing our digital nomading is that we have bee very isolated. We’re not in tourist hotspots like a backpacker, nor are we staying in hostels. We … Read more

What I Want You To Know…

I was thinking about you all weekend. And thinking about how we communicate. What I really want you to know. Looking back at my messaging recently, I’ve been very focused on the financial opportunity at doTERRA. That’s because when I was stuck in my corporate job, I was under the mistaken impression that I “had … Read more

Are You Ready for the Revolution?

Look around you. How many people do you know with allergies, autoimmune issues, or chronic disease like diabetes? We all agree medicine has developed at a crazy pace in the last 100 years. But, I was shocked to discover at a conference last week – we are not any healthier. We are living longer for … Read more

What If We Could Choose Our Emotions?

For such a long time, I thought emotions were something you lived with. They came to you – and you had to put up with whichever one joined you that day. But, as I left the mainstream behind, I started to explore different ways of being. Turns out, jumping out of bed having not had … Read more

Why We Have To Follow Our Heart

For a while now I’ve been blindly following my heart. I’ve not known where I’m going or why things are unfolding. As a former/current control freak… that’s scary! I’ve been battling with what’s my “thing” – my purpose, my mission the reason I’m here. My business isn’t exactly a business, it’s a vehicle of change. … Read more

“It’s Funny Seeing YOU Give People Life Advice”

“It’s funny seeing you give people life advice” A couple of weeks back in London I had lunch with an old friend from university, who I hadn’t seen in years as we’d lived in different countries. We caught up in super quick speed over her lunch break (how do you condense 4 years into 30 … Read more

The Masculine-Feminine Tightrope in Business…

How do you run your business? There’s the feminine way: manifest what you need (usually juuuust in time…) No structure, just hope. Then there’s the masculine way: 90 day plans, systems systems systems, hustle hustle hustle. I kept flip flopping between them – I’d start out feminine, but it was exhausting to wait for the … Read more

Have Fun, No Matter What


Yesterday I decided that I was going to have fun in my life and business, no matter what. Naturally, this morning I woke up with the same conditioning and patterns as before (they don’t change overnight!) and so I told myself it was client day today, which meant I was “busy”, and therefore couldn’t go … Read more

On Self Respect

Rosie Freiha on self respect

Self respect. What is that? Well, what does respecting another mean? Loving them Deferring to them. Listening to them. So self respect is simply: Loving YOU. Deferring to YOU. Listening to YOU. When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you gave yourself the attention and care that you need? … Read more